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Stop Worrying About Retirement

AssetBuilder’s abri assesses your finances and creates an investment plan to cover your expenses in retirement. Abri is meant to give you the peace of mind you deserve in the form of a monthly, reliable paycheck. Simple as that.

What is abri?

AssetBuilder’s abri is an investment-management service that combines powerful software with a decade of investment experience to effectively manage assets for individuals during their retirement.

This is achieved without threatening future needs, restricting liquidity or attaching exorbitant fees. Our primary goal is to convert a retiree’s assets into a reliable, stable income stream for life.

First, we gather some basic information such as date-of-birth, asset balances, and expense/budget figures. It also considers other income streams such as Social Security, pensions or part-time work. That information is then used to customize a portfolio to suit your goals and needs. You can view your portfolio through your online dashboard. This online dashboard gives you a holistic view of retirement so you’ll always know where you stand. Plus you’ll have the care and attention of a personal advisor to guide you along the way.

LDI The “Tried and True” Investment Strategy

Liability Driven Investment is an investment methodology designed to create cash-flows needed to fund future expenses. And since you know what those everyday-expenses are, we invest specifically to cover them. This method of investing for retirement has long been reserved for institutions and governments-until now.

The LDI strategy has three main advantages:

It Establishes a Time line.

A good LDI strategy starts with determining how long the money you saved will need to last. Then it creates a realistic timeline that illustrates how your expenses can be covered each year.

It Ensures that Income is Available.

LDI involves buying a portfolio of fixed income securities that mature at the right time and in the right amount to cover future expenses. It’s a concept known as duration matching. In other words, when a bill comes due, there is a bond maturing in the amount needed to cover it-even when the market is volatile.

It Plans for Inflation.

This strategy invests in bonds that are protected from inflation. At maturity, these bonds - known as TIPS (Inflation-protected Treasuries) - pay the original rate and adjust for inflation. We use TIPS in abri to ensure that your future income is worth just as much tomorrow as it is today.

The abri Service

Abri is a high-level service that is typically associated with high fees and hourly rates.
But abri is different. Here is what our service provides:

  • A personal advisor that evaluates your financial standing for retirement.
  • A customized portfolio designed to provide the income needed for you and your spouse’s life.
  • Monthly updates to your portfolio based on changes in the market. We also account for changes in your financial situation/expenses to ensure you’re still on track.
  • Implementation of that portfolio using a mix of low-cost index funds.
  • A monthly paycheck directly to your bank account.
  • Access to the online tool throughout retirement to help you make qualified decisions regarding any changes you may want in your retirement finances.

Protect Your Nest Egg

Our annual fee is 0.5%. That’s it. Compared to the average retirement advisor, Our numbers are based on the average Retirement Advisors rate of 1% that’s pretty low. And the trading costs associated with abri and fund fees charged by DFA (our fund managers) are among the lowest in the industry.

Fee Savings of:



$1,500,000account balance

Helping You Stay On Target

To get the most out of abri, you should know a few things about your online dashboard.

Your Retirement Score

Your Healthy Retirement Index score represents how well-funded you are for retirement. It’s like a credit score. And it helps us quickly understand how well we can meet your needs.

In order to give you an accurate score, abri distinguishes your required expenses and your desired expenses.

  • Required Expenses -Expenses that are essential to your life and well-being. This typically includes housing expenses or medical costs.
  • Desired Expenses -Leisurely expenses-not necessities. These might include vacations, a new boat, or charitable contributions.

Using your required and desired expenses, abri calculates your Healthy Retirement Index score. Your score could fall into four categories:

  • 0-79 Your required expenses cannot be covered by combining your current assets with your known income streams through the duration of retirement. However, one of our advisors will work with you to help build a better plan to fund your retirement.
  • 80-100 A portion of your required expenses can be covered but your expenses will need to be reduced. Or your income streams will need to be optimized.
  • 100-124 All required expenses can be covered but your desired expenses can not be fully met. Since desired expenses are inherently associated with risk you will just see a range of amounts allotted for those expenses. There is no specific dollar amount because that money is typically invested into riskier stocks.
  • 125 Both your required and desired needs can be covered. With this score, we can start to build a plan to leave a legacy and protect your family far into the future.

Your abri LifePath

The LifePath takes you on a virtual walk through time that shows you how your existing portfolio and various income streams will work for you throughout retirement. You can see changes in asset balances, beginnings or endings of different income streams (such as social security or defined benefits.) It also shows you how these sources of income will cover different expenses. If your Healthy Retirement Index falls between 100-124, you can view a detailed look at the range of desired income. Overall, your LifePath reveals where your money is going, where it’s coming from, and how much you have left at different points in time throughout your retirement.

Estimated Time Horizon

Your estimated timeline is your estimated life expectancy (joint life expectancy if married) with a conservative cushion. This is important because it shows you how many years you are expected to live compared to how many years your portfolio is expected to last. It also allows us to account for things like bequeath motives and charitable-giving causes. These figures are based on actuarial statistics derived from American demographic and socio-economic statuses.

Your Retirement Is Secure

Knowing your money is safe is half the battle. We know that. That’s why we take the steps to ensure your money is protected.

Your Money is Safe with Schwab

Your money is always secured by our SIPC insured custodian, Schwab. And it’s protected up to $500,000. Visit www.sipc.org for more details.

Your Private information is Safe With Us

We use the strongest browser encryption available. We store all of our data on servers in a secure facility and implement systematic processes and procedures.

Let’s Get Started

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your money last in retirement then AssetBuilder’s abri is for you. The first step to starting your worry-free retirement is just a click away.


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