Stop Worrying About Retirement

AssetBuilder’s abri assesses your finances and creates an investment plan to cover your expenses in retirement. Abri is meant to give you the peace of mind you deserve in the form of a monthly, reliable paycheck. Simple as that.

The Idea Behind abri

Liability Driven Investment is an investment methodology designed to create cash-flows needed to fund future expenses. And since you’re usually aware of what those everyday-expenses are, we invest properly to cover them.

This is how your income stays stable and consistent.

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Always Keeping You On Target

We developed the abri LifePath and Healthy Retirement Index to easily keep track of your expenses and investments. Your personal advisor keeps a keen eye out for changes to keep your cash flow consistent and reliable.

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  • abri LifePath
  • Healthy Retirement Index

abri LifePath

The abri LifePath is an interactive, visual timeline that shows you how your retirement will be funded from year-to-year. You can easily see when and how your expenses are covered. Your LifePath also can easily adjust to account for any unplanned changes. This gives you the ultimate control of your retirement.

Healthy Retirement Index

Your Healthy Retirement Index score represents how well-funded you are for retirement. It’s like a credit score. And it helps us quickly understand how well we can meet your needs.

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Protect Your Nest Egg

Our annual fee is 0.5%. That’s it. Compared to average retirement-planners,Our numbers are based on the average Retirement Advisors rate of 1% that’s pretty low. Your wallet will thank you.

Fee Savings of:



$1,500,000account balance

We Know a Thing or Two

Most of our staff have been here since our doors opened in 07’. And they’re well-equipped to help you with whatever problem you may have. Plus, they provide some of the best customer service out there – and they’re excited to work with you.

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We know the law

AssetBuilder is operating as a fee-only fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor. We put your interest first, and that’s our legal obligation.

Services Without the Price Tag

With other investment firms, you have to pay to even talk to advisor. Not here. Outside of our set up and annual fee you’ll never be charged for our services.

We Keep a Sharp Eye

Every month, we reassess your account based on market fluctuations and any changes in income or expenses. That means your account will always be up to date. And you can get back to relaxing in your retirement.

Your Retirement Is Secure

Knowing your money is safe is half the battle. We know that. That’s why we take the steps to ensure your money is protected.

Your Money is Safe with Schwab

Your money is always secured by our SIPC insured custodian, Schwab. And it’s protected up to $500,000. Visit for more details.

Your Private information is Safe With Us

We use the strongest browser encryption available. We store all of our data on servers in a secure facility and implement systematic processes and procedures.

Let’s Get Started

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your money last in retirement then AssetBuilder’s abri is for you. The first step to starting your worry-free retirement is just a click away.