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What We Do For You

Our Friendly Services

We Listen

We want to hear your personal story. Tell us your goals and dreams. Tell us about your plans for the future and what you've done in the past. And we take note of your tolerances and preferences.

We Guide

Having a guide can be one of the most comforting experiences in life. Someone who first listens to your objectives. Someone who has studied alternatives. Someone who recommends the best alternative for you. Someone who walks every step of the way and guides you along that path.

We Invest

Many financial planners will give you a strategy and then send you off to execute the strategy on your own. You must find the best investments on your own, buy them, and then know which ones to sell when you need money.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we invest for you. We have scoured through hundreds of investment alternatives and have selected the funds that are most appropriate for you and allocate between them.

We Monitor

Financial markets move every day. Sometimes they are up, sometimes down. The Fed may raise rates. Who knows? They may lower them instead. Every day we collect hundreds of thousands of data points and evaluate your financial situation. We determine if you are still on track. We determine what, if any, adjustments should be made to your portfolio.

We Adjust

We make minor corrections to avoid major catastrophes. When we look at your portfolio we may determine that a reallocation is appropriate. Before we make the change, we will quantify the long-term benefit. We then compare that benefit to the cost. If the benefits outweigh the costs then we make the adjustment. Otherwise we continue to watch your portfolio.

We Communicate

Communication is key to any relationship. We monitor and adjust but most importantly, we communicate. We let you know when you are on track and doing well. We also let you know when changes need to be made. You don't have to wonder how you are doing or whether you are on track. We communicate with you electronically. We also communicate with you one on one. Feel free to pick up the phone and call your adviser. At no cost. Because it shouldn't cost you money to communicate.

Take a Closer Look

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