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A Closer Look Healthy Retirement Index Score

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Healthy Retirement Index

like a credit score for your retirement income

How We Determine Your Score

Your Healthy Retirement Index score is exactly what it sounds like. It is a score that represents how well funded your retirement is. It provides peace of mind but can also show you when you need to make changes.

To get this score, every day, we collect financial data from global markets. Then, abri uses this data to create a 3.5 billion potential future financial data points. The data give us a realistic expectation for future financial performance under a large range of market conditions.

In addition, you provide us personal information such as age and marital status, all assets, and expenses. Then, we evaluate your income sources, such as Social Security and defined benefits. We combine financial data and personal information and distill it into a score between 0 and 125.

What it Means to You

Your Healthy Retirement Index score represents how well-funded you are for retirement.

It helps you understand how you are doing relative to your goals in retirement.

If your retirement is well-funded you are given a score close to 100. It means that you (and your spouse) should be able to maintain your lifestyle and pay for your essential expenses.

Anything over 100 represents excess funds that can be used for extra expenses like nicer vacations or funding your grandchildren's education.

The score easily communicates the impact of changes in spending, income, or global financial conditions. It is effective and simple. It allows you to see the impact of making choices and changes. The score is a crucial step towards making better financial decisions.

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